Affinity Memberships, Inc. (AMI), a privately held company, was created in late 1979 as an outgrowth of a customer satisfaction program when one of our clients asked us to create a value-added program for their customers. Almost 25 years later, AMI is proud to serve more than 30 million members in 15 countries.

AMI was established to provide corporate clients with value-added benefits for their customers/members with the concept of providing discounts on the things people need, the things they use and the things they desire.

Over the years, AMI has evolved to include diverse consumer benefits with discounts offered in such services as: Travel, Shopping, Health, Auto, Entertainment, Computers, Telecommunications, Legal, Finance, Insurance, Credit, Business Services, Homeowner Benefits, and more. AMI specializes in programs for both the Business-to-Consumer market as well as the Business-to-Business market.

More than a “benefit broker,” AMI is a Benefit Management Company. The difference is defined by the following: First, and foremost, AMI owns many of the Networks it offers. For example: AMI owns The American Pharmacy Network, The American Vision Network, EyePlan USA, The Veterinary Network, The Travel Network, The Auto Network and more. (We are in the process of developing seven new networks at this time.) In the cases where AMI does not own their Network, such as Dental, AMI licenses the Network and performs all fulfillment and customer service. AMI owns its toll-free numbers (thereby facilitating an easy transition in the event that a vendor must be changed). AMI is fully responsible for training and testing all vendors, as well as designing and monitoring usage and providing usage reports for its clients. AMI is fully responsible for all customer service with regard to problems and/or questions concerning benefits and/or vendor fulfillment. AMI hires management personnel to monitor and administer programs at various vendor locations. AMI performs many services “in-house” for many of the vendors with which we contract. Additionally, AMI licenses many of its information resource benefits. AMI is proud of its reputation for contracting with the finest vendors in the industry.

AMI provides a  “Turn-Key” program, customized to the specific needs of the individual client. All programs are “Private Labeled” for each client and all benefits and services are branded for the individual client as well.

  • In the Direct Mail arena, AMI has helped publishers increase response from less than 1% to more than 3% with the addition of value-added programs.

  • For non-profits and fundraisers, AMI has increased donations by more than 400%.

  • For Membership Club sales, AMI has increased sales by as much as 22% and decreased cancellation by as much as 18% to 23%.

AMI also works closely with Direct Response Marketers in Television, Radio and Print. Further, AMI has expanded into the area of Employee Benefit Programs offering the most comprehensive Employee Benefit Programs available anywhere, “THE BENEFIT EXPRESS CARD.” (www.thebenefitexpresscard.com)

In 1990 AMI began offering specialized benefit programs throughout Europe. These programs include value-added programs for industry, government, not-for-profit groups and the commercial sector.

AMI provides clients with not only the finest benefits, but also the marketing expertise to make their programs work. AMI has helped clients with telemarketing scripts that have resulted in increasing outbound sales per hour from 1.1 to almost 2, designed marketing techniques to increase inbound “saves” from 12% to more than 24% and increased direct marketing response by more than 2,000%. AMI has been a pioneer in the area of “Golden Handcuffs” whereby the customer/member/donor is indelibly tied to the product/service/company. AMI is both an exhibitor and speaker at many industry trade shows and conferences.

AMI is proud to be a leader not only in the area of value-added benefits, but also in the world of Affinity Marketing. AMI prides itself in the fact that some of its marketing programs have broken records and won awards. AMI will continue to strive to offer our clients the finest, cutting-edge programs available.