As more and more Americans seek an alternative to traditional medical care or a supplement to their healthcare with additional forms of treatment, Chiropractic has become America's Treatment of Choice. Today, more people than ever are visiting Chiropractors as a way of treating pain and discomfort. Chiropractic treatment has become a way to "tune-up" in between conventional medical treatments.

The Network, which is owned and operated by Chiropractors, contains more than 4,000 participating Chiropractors, located in major cities as well as rural communities. That makes this one of the largest Chiropractic Networks in America.

To ensure the highest quality, the Network requires that each Chiropractor, who requests to be placed on the selected list of providers, undergo an extensive credentialing process in order to qualify. The standards are set high so you are assured of receiving the finest Chiropractic care available.

OUR PROGRAM INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS (for you and your immediate family who are on your tax return):

  • 50% off - Initial exam, consultation, and diagnostics
  • $25 for your spinal adjustments (only)
  • 50% off on any "in-office" x-rays
  • No limit to the number of times you can visit a Network Chiropractor
  • Good in 50 states

For those whose insurance covers Chiropractic, with this discount program, out-of-pocket expenses will be less, since co-pays are based on lower amounts. And, coverage extends to more Chiropractic visits since each visit is billed at a reduced rate. This Discount Chiropractic Program retails for as much as $99, but is included as a Member Benefit.

---- This Benefit is not available in the State of Florida ----