If you don't know an Aphid from an Azalea then you've come to the right place. Aside from being "Politically Correct" over tea, you will amaze your friends and neighbors with your newfound knowledge. Let our Garden Glossary answer your questions and help you re-define gardening. Who knows, it might even grow into something big.

Since we all stemmed from a garden, why not brush up on your Garden History? Did you know there are gardens in Japan where the Japanese are not allowed to visit? Or how about the reason behind the White House Rose Garden? Perhaps you've wondered about the differences in garden design throughout the ages? If your question relates to Garden History, the answers are planted in here waiting for you and your watering can.

Let's see . . . it was green with speckles and pointy edges. Sound familiar? How often have we seen a plant and never get the chance to find it again? With this unique Plant Finder, simply look at images of different leaves, trees and more and match them to your description. Then, let our Plant Finder do the rest. You will see pictures of the plants and trees that match your description. Maybe those leaves weren't so pointy after all.

If something doesnít grow on you the way you had hoped, Ask our Gardener what to do. Need advice from an expert? Thatís what they are here to do. Our Gardeners will answer your questions and guide you through the process of creating the gardens of your dreams. Ask as many questions as you like and receive answers along with references and links to the products and services you might find useful.

With more than 100 hands-on Garden Workshops, this section provides all the information you could ever want for working in the garden. We take you step-by-step through hundreds of gardening procedures and help to make sure that your garden is everything you want it to be. In fact, we have so many Garden Workshops, that we had to break them down into different areas. Enjoy workshops in the following:

Plants & Planting Maintenance & Tools

Design & Style Sowing & Growing

Building & Laying Creative Crafts