There are as many options for Homeowner’s Insurance as there are Baskin & Robbins’ flavors. And, unless you know and understand the options, and have a service that provides you with the most competitive quotes, you could end up buying a lot more than you bargained for. Whether you own, rent or live in a condominium, our program works with you to determine the exact coverage you need and then searches through hundreds of insurers to find you the best possible price available. Why not compare your current policy with others available to see how much you can save? 

Auto insurance rates and options change like the winds. You need a service that knows the road and can navigate you through the obstacles. Then, once you know what you need and what you don’t, they will search through dozens of insurance companies to find you the best price available. And, if you like, they can even offer you options and add-ons. In fact, you can get a quote on insurance before you buy a vehicle or even take your current policy and see how much you can save with this incredible service. 

This site offers a compendium of all things financial: Investing in everything from stocks and bonds to real estate and pensions. Definition of terms, examples and financial calculators are just some of the many things you will find to keep you up late at night designing ways to plan for your financial future. 

These self-study courses walk you through the toughest financial topics in easy to understand plain English. They explain the terms, use and practice of even the most complex financial topics and make them easy to learn and interesting. This is a great way to take charge of your financial future and learn what only the pros have known. Then, once you have the secrets of finance, you are ready to invest in your own future. 

For those who enjoy guided instruction, these online Interactive Financial Workshops present real world examples of financial topics in easy to understand bite-sized segments. And, they work interactively asking and answering questions to ensure you gain a full and complete understanding of the subject matter. From basic to advanced, this is the information you need for your financial security. 

It used to be that only employees of the biggest corporations had the opportunity to join a Credit Union; but not any more. With our program, even the smallest company employees can enjoy the many benefits of Credit Union Membership. Lower interest loans, higher interest saving and all the conveniences of credit cards and ATM machines can now be yours. Finally, we bring Credit Union Membership to the small company for the benefit of all employees everywhere. 

If you find yourself in a bit of hot water financially, this is the place to go. Get the information you need about your options, opportunities and how you can get your head above the water line. This site is filled with examples, calculators and simple to understand, plain talk about what you need to do to regain financial control of your life.  

If you find you need a bit more help and advice with your debt and credit issues, feel free to ask our Credit Counselors all the questions you have and get all the answers you need. As with all financial issues, our counselors are impartial and will never recommend any specific products or services.

For those questions as to what might be deductible or when to take that deduction, depreciation or even capital gains, this is the service for you. Once again, there are no monthly bills as these answers come without a price tag. 

Members receive the lowest rates from an "A" Rated Carrier on 10, 15 or even 20 year flat rate term life. Coverage from as little as $50,000 up to $1 million and more is available. (Policies and companies vary based on the needs of the member.) 

Members automatically receive Double The Manufacturer's Warranty (up to one additional year) on any appliances or electronics they purchase, during their membership year, whether they pay by credit card, check or cash. This is good for an unlimited number of purchases regardless of where the items are bought. There is no registration required for this benefit. Extended warranties are automatic!