ASK A . . .     

How many times have you wanted to ask a doctor a question or two? Then, with the thought of making an appointment, sitting in the waiting room and then paying the bill, the desire for an answer soon leaves. However, you still need the answers. Now, you can ask all the medical questions you like. And, if you need a specialist, weíll provide them as well. No hassle, no waiting and no charge.

If you have questions about prescription or over the counter medications, this is the place to come. Pharmacists see everyday health problems and are trained to provide answers and guidance. There are times you do not need medical advice but simply need to know which cough medicine is best, or whether or not to use a cold or hot compress when you overdo it at the gym. The Pharmacist can be the best source of simple, effective health information and your best guide to the hundreds of products available.

For those of you who value the adjustments of a Chiropractor, here is your chance to Ask a Chiropractor any question you desire. You can ask about any condition and if the treatment is suitable for chiropractic, or simply enquire as to how Chiropractic can work for you and your family. And, for those with no knowledge of Chiropractic, this is an excellent way to find out what it is and how it works.

Worried about braces for your children? Dentures for your parents? Or are you curious about those porcelain caps for your own brighter than white smile? Here is the place to ask the dentist all the questions you would like to have answered for you and your family. You can even use this service to discover if you are brushing correctly.

Have an optical concern? Would you like to know the difference between bi-focal and vari-focal? Ask the Optometrist which is right for you. Then, ask about contact lenses, daily wear lenses, extended wear lenses and more. If you have a question relating to vision for you or your family, this is your best source of information.

Letís face it, we all get to the point of wanting to vent a bit of tension and stress. And, when you find the need to talk to someone and ask for some help in dealing with the problems of everyday life, this is the answer. Our Therapists are here to help guide you and answer your questions and address your concerns. They can guide you through exercises and offer suggestions to help you deal with your problems and manage the day-to-day stress you may experience.

A personal trainer can cost as much as $100 per session and even more to set up a program of exercise and motivation. Now, you can ask our Personal Trainer all the questions you like. Ask how to exercise, why you do certain exercises, how to stay motivated and more. Our trainers are here to ensure you get the answers you need to keep fit. And, yes, you still have to do those darned sit-ups!

It seems to get harder and harder to stay motivated these days. And even the best of us need a little extra help. When you start to lose steam, here is the place to go. Ask the Motivation Coach is designed to get you back on track and stoke the motivation fire within you. With suggestions, exercises and even a polite scolding, this program is guaranteed to help you find that much needed motivation.

If you are wondering which foods are good for you and what supplements to take, then this is the place to come for all your dietary answers. Want to know more about those popular High Protein Diets? Is low fat right for you? Should you eat more green vegetables? These and other important questions are answered every day. Or, pose your own questions and get the specific information you need for you and your family.

If itís true that ďYou are what you eat,Ē Then this benefit is just what we all need. Discover how the foods we eat affect us and what might be better for us than we think. Some foods could be slowing us down while the addition of a few selected foods could work wonders for our energy and ability to think. Let our Nutritionists answer your questions and guide you through the maze of foods and their affects.

Do you have a specific hardware or software question? Our techs are experts on both hardware and software and will get you back up and running in no time. If you need help with a program or hardware problem, our techs are here to guide you through the bits and bytes of the High Tech world of computers and their software. Ask questions as often as you like. Thatís what weíre here for.

If you find you need a bit more help and advice with your debt and credit issues, feel free to ask our Credit Counselors all the questions you have and get all the answers you need. As with all financial issues, our counselors are impartial and will never recommend any specific products or services.

For those questions as to what might be deductible or when to take that deduction, depreciation or even capital gains, this is the service for you. Once again, there are no monthly bills as these answers come without a price tag.

When you run into the problems you will undoubtedly face with any DIY project, or even of you are considering a remodel of your home, here is your chance to Ask a Builder. If you have concerns about electrical, plumbing, heating, carpentry or more, this is where we offer the experts to answer all your DIY questions. And, as with all things related to building, the answers might just take twice as long to receive and will be twice what you expected to get.

When you have a small job to do and do not need the input and advice of a major contractor, itís time to Ask the Handyman. From leaky faucets to replacing a cracked tile, here is your chance to find out what to do and how to do it. And men, what easier way could there be to become the fixit hero of the house and get the job done before the first down? With this service, if you canít fix it, you deserve to call in the cavalry.

If you have a question regarding any aspect of your petís health and well being, simply Ask a Veterinarian. Would you like to know what kind of food to feed your pet and how much? Perhaps your pet has a finicky habit or simply likes to eat sirloin steak instead of kibbles. Here is where you can get the answers you need to ensure you take the best possible care of your pet. And, this is the first place to go if you suspect a problem of any kind with your furry friend.

When you canít find the legal information you need or simply feel the need for professional advice, simply Ask a Lawyer the questions you need answers to and save the time and money of hiring a lawyer. Although this will not replace the services of a lawyer, it will provide you with the guidance and insight you need to determine if hiring a lawyer is right for you. And, if your question is too specific, you can be referred to a legal specialist in your local area.

If something doesnít grow on you the way you had hoped, Ask our Gardener what to do. Need advice from an expert? Thatís what they are here to do. Our Gardeners will answer your questions and guide you through the process of creating the gardens of your dreams. Ask as many questions as you like and receive answers along with references and links to the products and services you might find useful.

When your sirloin steak tastes remarkably like your roast chicken, it may be time for some expert advice. Ask our Chef any question and get the answers you need before the family gets home for dinner. When you use this service and ask, ďWhatís Cooking?Ē you are likely to get more than you bargained for.

Want to know what that noise is under the hood? Concerned about the diagnosis your mechanic gave you on your simple repair that turned out not to be so simple? You can Ask our Mechanic as many questions as you like. They will provide you with specific answers to your specific problems on your specific make, year and model of automobile. With this service you can rev your question engine to the red line.

Are you making the most of your relationships with your customers? Is customer service bringing in new business and referrals? Has your cost of sale decreased due to your CRM Program? Our CRM Expert is here to help you manage your customer relationships and alert you to the things that will have the greatest positive impact on your business and your bottom line. Our CRM Expert will give new meaning to the term, "The Customer is Always Right."

Today's hi-tech office is a dream come true for productivity, efficiency and, of course profit. However, most employers are unaware of the technological wonders that sit in every office. The ability to hold videoconferences and eliminate travel expenses, chat sessions, private networks and even shared scheduling and reporting. With our Communications Expert ready to answer your questions, technology will be your slave and not your master.

If you canít find the HR information you need or feel the need to go deeper, simply Ask a Human Resource Expert and get the answers you need. Itís almost like having your own HR Executive on staff, without the vacation and Christmas Bonuses.

Do you have a legal question relating to your business and just canít bring yourself to call your own attorney and pay that hourly bill for a simple question? No problem. Simply ask your questions and get the answers you need without the huge billable hours.

If your questions are specifically targeted to legal matters that relate to taxes (and what business doesnít have these questions), simply ask your questions and again, no big monthly bills. (You donít even want to know what tax attorneys charge.)

When you experience problems with your computer network (and we all do), it usually means calling in the pros and spending a lot of money. Then, you discover that the problem was simple and could have been solved with nothing more than a phone call. Now, you can ask your networking questions and discover what you need to keep your network up and running efficiently and trouble-free.

When work gets you teed off, why not tee off on the green? Hopefully, you have the time to take in that occasional business meeting on the back nine and get some fresh air. (Did you know that most doctors recommend a walk on the grass to lower stress. You wouldn't want to go against doctor's orders now, would you?) Our Golf Pro will help you slice that slice, make friends with the Birdie and even give new meaning to the word, "Putts."