Auto insurance rates and options change like the winds. You need a service that knows the road and can navigate you through the obstacles. Then, once you know what you need and what you donít, they will search through dozens of insurance companies to find you the best price available. And, if you like, they can even offer you options and add-ons. In fact, you can get a quote on insurance before you buy a vehicle or even take your current policy and see how much you can save with this incredible service.

This is not a service to provide you with the best price from a dealer, but rather, a guide to the actual dealer invoice for the new vehicle of your choice. Discover exactly what the dealer pays for the vehicle you want, along with the prices for all add-ons and accessories, and you will be better prepared to go in and get the price you want. If you know what they know, you know you can get a better deal.

Aside from the tips and advice of experts in the field on how to buy a car and how to prepare yourself for all the tricks of the auto trade, this site also searches for the car you want in your area and comes back with the best available price. Then, itís up to you. Can you negotiate a better deal, or take the best we have to offer?

This site tells you exactly what your used car is worth, both high and low, depending upon its mileage and condition, and what you can expect to get by selling it privately or using it as a trade in at a dealership. All prices and values are based on your zip code and the value of all vehicles varies from city to city across the country.

We can search the inventory of new and used car dealers in your area and see if the vehicle you want is available and how much they are asking for it. Then, we can arrange for the best deal possible and even look for financing options, where available. Additionally, we also provide a service which searches through the classified ads in your local area to find the car you want, along with pricing guidelines of what you should pay and why. Or, you could hit the streets yourself and waste a lot of time and gasoline.

Leasing, for some, is still a great option. Pay less per month and get a new car every three or four years. If this is right for you, then our Auto Leasing Service is the place for you. We offer the best deals on getting the most car for the least amount of payment. Drive the car you really want with a lease program that offers lower monthly payments and no hassle trade-ins.

Is it better to buy or lease? How does leasing affect my monthly payments? Can I get a new car every three years? Are there tax benefits to leasing? The Lease Calculator lets you know exactly what your payments will be and what the value of the vehicle will be at the end of the lease. It also provides buyout options and much more. If you consider a lease, this is the calculator to use before signing on the dotted line.

Incentives provide extra savings when buying a new vehicle. And, many incentives are never discovered by the general public. Here is your chance to discover not only the available Factory to Consumer Incentives, but also the elusive and often secretive Factory to Dealer Incentives. Armed with this information, your negotiating skills just jumped up a few notches and your bank account held on to some much needed funds. Good luck!

Want to know what the pros have to say about the vehicle you are considering? Here is a collection of reviews on almost every vehicle from newspapers to the auto magazines, and then some. Read the opinions and experiences of professionals as they add new meaning to the term ďtest drive.Ē The more you know about the vehicle you are considering, the better your ability to make a decision. Besides, itís also a lot of fun to sit in the imaginary driverís seat.

Save on tune-ups, brakes, mufflers, oil changes and more with our exclusive discount program. Choose from thousands of service locations nationwide and find the provider nearest you. This program can be used as many times as you like with no caps of any kind.

Want to know what that noise is under the hood? Concerned about the diagnosis your mechanic gave you on your simple repair that turned out not to be so simple? You can Ask our Mechanic as many questions as you like. They will provide you with specific answers to your specific problems on your specific make, year and model of automobile. With this service you can rev your question engine to the red line.

Members save up to 50% off the dealer price of extended auto warranties on new and used vehicles. Plus, unlike auto dealers who insist you purchase a warranty at the time of sale, these new vehicle warranties may be purchased anytime during the first 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever is sooner.

Members can purchase gap insurance that covers their auto deductible up to $500. This coverage will pay for all of the Memberís auto deductible, up to $500, every time an insurance claim is filed with their primary auto insurance carrier.

Members are covered up to an additional $2,500 in the event of auto theft. If a Memberís vehicle is stolen, this policy will pay up to $2,500 toward the purchase of a new or replacement vehicle. This policy is included with membership.